Millennials & Membership

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Last year’s joint study conducted by 88 Brand Partners and QNA Group was a fresh, innovative way of approaching some questions that dog what may well be the most misunderstood generation—Millennials. We examined their relationship to service brands.

This year, we took a more nuanced look at how Millennials behave as parts of member organizations. We wanted to better understand facets such as: the factors that influence membership decisions; just how personalized an experience Millennials want from their memberships; the reasons they join and maintain a membership; and how they prefer to communicate with the organizations they’re a part of.

Importantly, both studies are in the context of how the results for Millennials relate to those of Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, allowing us to make crucial projections about the future of this vital group.

Below you’ll find links to the two separate studies we’ve conducted. They’re brimming with findings and insights—and could be helpful in planning for your organization.

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