Cataloging the Holidays with Popcorn and Chocolate

The Popcorn Factory and Fannie May

Is there ever a bad time to have some chocolate? Does the smell of popcorn immediately bring you to a better place? Fannie May and The Popcorn Factory put their irresistible treats and holiday spirit front and center with their seasonal catalogs— from the luxuriousness of the chocolate to the sweet, salty, crunchy flavor of popcorn, try and see if your mouth doesn’t water while looking at their products.

We designed their holiday catalogs through all stages: from creating the layout and conceptual theme to collaborating with a food photographer for product shots to writing each tasty product description; ultimately, we transformed the look and feel of each brand into something that can leap off the page and into the mouths of its readers. With such respected confectionary brands in the food industry, we just had to make them look as irresistible as they taste.

Fannie May


The Popcorn Factory