Build your visual brand on firm strategic principles

 -  3 min read

When many people hear the word brand, they think of a company’s logo. But your brand is an entire universe in and of itself, a strategic charter of your mission, vision and values—so much more than a just logo. Now to be fair, your logo may in fact be the first and most frequent interaction people have with your brand and all the strategic rigor from which it is built. So, shouldn’t your strategy feed the design of your logo? Be reflected within it? Yes.

Think of your logo as a hieroglyphic whose job is to communicate your brand’s strategic positioning. It should be more than just an amalgamation of shape and color, chosen because of personal preferences or trends.

A simple exercise can help you determine if your logo is doing its best work on behalf of your brand. Ask yourself a few “either/or” questions about your brand’s personality. Is your brand progressive or conservative? Is it innovative or traditional? Enthusiastic or wise? With the answers you can then begin to make strategic choices around such elements as shape and color. Blue, for instance, is a hue that typically elicits very secure and traditional feelings. And angular shapes convey a much more innovative posture than rounded shapes which tend to have a calming effect. Even the typographic choices in your visual mark can say very different things about your brand.

In 2018 we evolved the brand foundation, strategy and messaging for the intellectual property law firm Banner Witcoff. We then reimagined their visual identity applying the same strategic rigor.

By considering all these variables, you can make informed and strategic decisions in the building of your visual brand. Now more than ever, your logo plays a powerful role in helping you reach your goals, recruit the best talent and grow organically with your existing clients. And to do all this, it needs to communicate in a vast array of media, as large as a billboard and as ephemeral as TikTok. It is the neon sign that shines in your business’s storefront. And it can either tell people you’re “Open for Business” or “Gone Fishing.”

88 Brand Partners has created a uniquely collaborative approach for the development of visual branding to create meaningful connections between our clients and their audiences.