Some Like it Hot

In March, we had our inaugural 88 Brand Partners Chili Cook-off. The event was a rousing success, with over a half dozen entries. Contestants were judged (by a panel of our own celebrity judges) on taste (50%), presentation (25%) and name (25%). Andy Yamashiro was the event’s first champion, receiving high marks all around for … Continued

Celebrating Health

To celebrate women’s health, NorthShore University HealthSystem wanted to do something a little different. So we helped them take over the Cube at Westfield Old Orchard, creating a welcoming, interactive place where people could learn about women’s health, and women could even receive mammograms at NorthShore’s screening location at Nordstrom. All right in the middle … Continued

Giving Back

The 88 Give Back Committee arranged a day at Deborah’s Place, an organization that provides support and housing for women experiencing homelessness. We painted, played some games and had a superb lunch of chicken and waffles. But best of all, we got to spend some quality time with some amazing women. We’ll be back.

88 Wellness Committee

Joining the Fun and Give Back Committees is the Wellness Committee. Created to better the minds, bodies and spirits of the 88 team, the Wellness Committee has already been hard at work. The best way? Monthly massages from a trained masseuse. The team is made up of Tom Astley, Kate Shirley, Elizabeth Paterson and Joe … Continued

Why Choosing the Right Agency Matters

We work in Chicago, where there’s no shortage of agencies competing for client business. We like to say that you can stand on any corner in the city, throw a stone and hit a building that houses an agency that does fantastic work for Kraft, SC Johnson, or PepsiCo—great agencies that have deep experience moving … Continued

Will Texting Kill the Comma?

Let me start by saying that I’m not a fan of the Oxford comma. To me, it’s one comma too many. And I subscribe to the view Mark Twain probably didn’t actually express, even though many will swear he did: “As to the comma, when in doubt, leave it out.” All that said, commas are … Continued

The Creative Language of Code

How would you tell a story without past or future tenses? Could you discuss a value without numbers? How do you speak to a computer that only communicates in numbers? Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Probably not. According to studies, that rose by any other name would smell worse. (Sorry, … Continued

The Old Fashioned Story

By Dave Willhite In my job as a bartender, people often ask for an Old Fashioned. But what exactly is an Old Fashioned Cocktail? And why is it branded as being old fashioned? To really answer these questions we need to go back to near the time of the birth of our nation and the … Continued

Gen X Strategists in the Age of Snapchat

This is about social media. It’s also about Gen Xers. And it’s about what-in-the-world it means to be a strategist. It all started when I was perusing Facebook while riding the El home after work. As usual, the “People You Might Know” feature popped up, and there, staring at me, was a person I don’t … Continued

How Waiting Tables Prepared Me for Agency Life

In the summer of 2009, I was a young(er) designer working at my first full-time gig at a small (five-person) agency. Unfortunately, in the wake of the recession, our client roster dwindled and subsequently, as the most recent hire, I had to be let go. A couple of days later, still reeling from the fact … Continued