An Evolved Brand for AIHA

 -  2 min read

We’re proud of the refreshed brand strategy and identity the 88 team created for AIHA, the premier association for occupational health and safety science professionals. 

AIHA has been serving their profession since 1939. As part of their commitment to embracing growth and evolution within their industry, AIHA engaged our team to develop a refreshed brand that would remain relevant to all of their audiences, including their next generation of professionals. 

Naturally, we enjoyed a rewarding collaboration with the AIHA team, as they valued a branding process that was evidence-driven, rigorous and anchored in the perspectives of their members and professional partners. 

And our friends at AIHA did an amazing job of quickly adjusting their plans in the wake of COVID to give their brand a robust launch at their virtual conference. The rollout continues with ongoing communications support to attract the next generation of professionals.