The right voice for your organization is a balancing act.

 -  3 min read

Think about your own personal voice and how you use it every day. Chatting with a friend, guiding a colleague through a new project, reaching out to a prospect. The tone is different in each case, but it is also inherently you.

Your organization needs to achieve this same balancing act as you communicate with multiple audiences through numerous channels: letters, emails, proposals, brochures… Three key ways you can do this are:

  • Know your organization’s core voice. It is who you are, your core beliefs and values—what you do and why it matters.
  • Be consistent. Whatever the communication, make sure it still sounds like you and matches your organization’s personality.
  • Be flexible. Consider the audience, the medium and the message. Adjust the formality, friendliness or salesy tone accordingly—while still staying true to who you are.

Our client the American Veterinary Medical Association achieves this balancing act well. As the leading advocate for the veterinary profession, they must communicate with stakeholders, professionals, students, government organizations and others on a wide range of topics. The AVMA’s core voice is one of advocacy for its members. And with that core voice in place, we have the flexibility to adapt their voice—and messaging—based on specific audiences and needs.

Be a voice of support to young professionals in the early stages of their career, with the My Veterinary Life website.
Shout a rallying cry to AVMA members, to encourage deeper engagement and recruit volunteers.

Get the most out of your voice. Keep it consistent, but keep it flexible too. That way, everyone will hear what you have to say better.

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