Supporting an Association’s Mission and its Members

 -  2 min read

The American Veterinary Medical Association’s mission has always been focused on protecting both animal and human health. So they recognized they had a role to play in helping their members promote vaccinations against COVID-19, and they asked the 88 team to help. 

Working alongside the AVMA and with the support of the CDC, 88 developed a public-facing awareness and education campaign targeted to areas across the nation with low vaccination rates. 

Public Facing Lobby Poster
Public Facing Social Media
Public Facing Digital Banner Ads

In addition, we partnered with the AVMA to create a suite of tools for AVMA Members to support informative and respectful in-person interactions with their vaccine-hesitant clients. 

Veterinary Staff Lobby Poster
Veterinary Staff Social Media
Veterinary Staff Vaccine Awareness Video

We anchored the message in the credibility of the AVMA and the strong relationships that exist between animal owners and their veterinarians—who are seen as trusted medical experts and caring supporters of families and their welfare.

This joint effort resulted in millions of impressions and thousands of education kits distributed to veterinarians across the country. Most importantly, during a period of unprecedented challenges, the AVMA strengthened its long-standing mission and provided timely and relevant support to its members.