Making your brand relevant to younger audiences

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How to attract the elusive Gen Z? Orgs in every industry are exploring how to win over an audience with attitudes and media habits that are, in significant ways, different from previous generations.

CEFCU, one of the nation’s largest credit unions, asked 88 to explore strategies and campaigns to help bolster their relationship with 18–25 year olds and bring new members into their organization. 

In our work, we leaned into key insights about the Gen Z audience—from their mobile-centric mindset to their preferences for orgs with strong social and ethical practices. 

Just as important, we held true to a key tenet that guides our work for every 88 client: Always remain true to your core brand voice. If your brand is strong and aligned to your core values, it can appeal to any audience. No need to pander or dramatically change your tune when your brand is authentically you.

We brought CEFCU’s campaign to life through an omnichannel campaign, tapping into the financial needs and expectations of young adults.

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

We also extended the campaign by featuring CEFCU member Kendrick Green, a Gen Z’er (who also happens to be a professional football player).

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TV Spot

The result? A campaign that speaks to the specific needs of young adults—many of whom are making their first financial decisions around big life events—conveyed with the authenticity and authority of a banking institution with decades of meaningful experience.