Put your brand to work on your recruitment efforts.

 -  3 min read

These days, organizations across every sector need to work harder to attract and retain employees. But that responsibility shouldn’t fall on your hiring manager’s shoulders alone. Everyone within your organization has a role to play.

Of course, your brand, while typically focused on external audiences, can also be especially useful in bolstering your recruitment efforts. Here are just a few ways your brand can help your organization stand out to potential new recruits:

  1. Shine a light on your culture and values. 

    Prospective employees are following you on social media. Be sure to use these channels to offer glimpses into your culture and the people who drive it. We want to work alongside people who share our passion and values, and social media is an ideal space to showcase what your organization stands for.
  1. Be an asset to your hiring and HR teams. Give them the tools they need to stand apart.

    You and your team are expert communicators. It’s likely that hiring managers and HR teams could use your help. Help them craft materials that sell your organization to potential employees, while ensuring that messages (about everything from job descriptions to employee benefits) are aligned to your org’s core brand values. 
  1. Tap into your strongest brand stewards.

    You know the power of an effective testimonial. Identify the handful of employees within your organization who can best amplify your recruitment efforts, and then give them the tools to do so effectively (talking points, one-page overviews, etc.). Consider tapping into select clients, too; their voices can be powerful additions to recruitment materials.

Of course, those are just a few examples. At 88, we help our clients think holistically about their brands and maximize their potential to support their organizations. If you’d like to learn more, contact Barbara Jurgens at bjurgens@88brandpartners.com.