Two Minute Exercise: Be a tourist with your own brand.

 -  3 min read

Have you read your ABOUT US page recently with fresh eyes? Or done the same with your org’s brochure or credentials?

It’s good practice to occasionally take a step back and experience your brand from an outsider’s perspective. Looking at ourselves through the eyes of a client, partner or employee can shed light on what’s working wonderfully… and help identify areas for potential updating.

So, why not take a couple minutes? Browse through your website. Give a quick read to a piece of collateral. Scan your social media posts. As you do, ask yourself:

  • What’s your first impression? We all make quick judgements on the brands we encounter. What’s grabbing your attention? A compelling headline? Powerful imagery? (Nothing?)
  • What “story” are you telling? Stories grab our attention, keep us engaged. What story about your org are you sharing with your audience? It can be as simple as: We do X, so our clients can achieve Y.
  • Is your brand too focused on you? Are you speaking to your clients’ needs and mindset? Or is everything focused on what makes you special? If so, you may be missing an opportunity to make a more meaningful connection.
  • Is your brand keeping pace with your org? Organizations are always growing, evolving and shifting business strategies. Do you see any ways in which your organization has outgrown your current brand? 

Take note of what you learned. Maybe ask a colleague to do the same exercise and compare notes. Then take action, if necessary.

Finding a couple minutes every month can help ensure your firm’s brand remains aligned to your goals and values.