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A Summer of Champions

 -  2 min read

Why travel to Tokyo when you can create your own Olympic games here?

The 88 Olympics nurtured our competitive spirit and creative impulses with four weeks and four teams competing across a variety of challenges. While our chosen areas of competition may not have been as thrilling as pole vaulting or high diving, we all found ourselves passionately engaged in the thrill of victory… and, yes, the agony of defeat.

If you’re looking for ideas for your own at-home Olympic games, may we suggest:

  • Photo Challenge. Snap a picture that captures the Olympic spirit.
  • Olympic Trivia. Think you know quite a bit about the Olympics? Think again.
  • Haiku Slam. How would you celebrate your host city in just 17 syllables?
  • Music Curation. Curate a playlist that inspires you to Olympic greatness. 
  • A Grand Bake Off. Create your own scrumptious Japanese Kawaii pastry.
  • Step Challenge. How much ground can you cover in a month? (88ers walked nearly 2,000 miles!)

We all fought like champions, but in the end, only one team captured the gold. Congrats to Estonia. Your victory was hard earned and well deserved.