As technology services company Nitel built its business, it had chiseled out a niche as the provider who could offer network access anywhere, quite literally going places that no other company would. That niche, though, tagged Nitel with a reputation as a rural provider, and the organization knew it had to be viewed as offering a larger arsenal of services, to all geographic locales, in order to continue expanding. And because of Nitel’s level of expertise and dedication to customer service, it couldn’t compete with the major providers on price—it would have to figure out another way to differentiate itself. And that would start with a bold new strategy.


We began by shifting Nitel’s strategy from a product-focused platform to one that would emphasize how Nitel simplifies the complex technology landscape for customers so that they have greater freedom to focus on other critical business issues. And the messaging that supported this new positioning platform would also have to address the needs of Nitel’s three unique audiences: enterprise clients, wholesale clients and the agents who work to connect Nitel with more businesses around the country.


With the new brand strategy in place, we went to work on crafting a new brand identity. Throughout its time in business, Nitel had become known for an electric orange that captured the brand’s energetic essence. Findings from our research partner, QNA, told us that this color had high equity and strong recognition among Nitel’s audiences; this equity would be carried through to the new brand. Using that color as a springboard, we delivered a new logo, a vibrant new color system to complement the Nitel orange and a brand launch video that generated excitement amongst clients and prospects. We completed the branding process with a new tagline—“Smarter technology made simple”—that reflects Nitel’s new strategic focus, and positions the company for further growth in the future.


The brand was unveiled at the Channel Partners Expo in Las Vegas in April of 
2018. The new brand has reenergized the company internally and been met 
with excitement from clients. The branding process concluded with 88 creating 
content for the new Nitel website. In the year after this new site went live, traffic 
skyrocketed 36%. During that same time frame, Nitel’s overall sales increased by an impressive 29%.