A national law firm with multiple offices, Banner Witcoff is one of the country’s premier intellectual property law firms, serving Fortune 50, 100 and 500 clients.

But despite their success, Banner Witcoff had an awareness problem. They were not particularly well known and found it difficult to stand out in a crowded field with distinguished competitors. This led to difficulties in securing new clients and recruiting law students to the firm.


Before partnering with 88 Brand Partners, Banner Witcoff reached out to a long-time consulting partner to help them review the firm’s strategic underpinnings. Building on their learnings as well as 88’s interviews with key stakeholders, we quickly understood that the Banner Witcoff brand didn’t need a structural overhaul. They simply needed a new brand.

Working with their attorneys, we created a new branding strategy for the organization, reflecting who the organization is and aspires to be. From there, we developed messaging platforms to help Banner Witcoff stand out, pointing to the firm’s depth of expertise and its century of proven performance to elevate it above competitors. These points would be adapted for a number of Banner Witcoff’s marketing materials, including those for recruitment and client pitches.

Next came the brand’s visual identity. Starting with a series of workshops with Banner Witcoff attorneys and employees, we harnessed their thoughts on who the organization is, and how they wanted it to be perceived in the future. This led to the development of a logo and branding system that addresses the firm’s century of success while pointing to an energizing future.


Banner Witcoff attorneys and staff quickly embraced the brand. The new brand identity appears prominently in all of the firm’s marketing communications, on a redesigned Banner Witcoff website—and on interior office spaces, YETI® mugs, umbrellas and more—re-energizing internal culture. With the new brand accurately expressing who Banner Witcoff is and how they work, they are positioned for long-term success.

Today, 88 continues to work as their agency of record across all communications channels, including website design and maintenance.