Open-Source Solutions

Getting there first. Sometimes, that's all that seems to matter. Take the Space Race, for instance, or the eradication of polio. Both of these things were predicated upon one party reaching a finish line first.


Snack Culture

...They're giving us shorter, "snack" versions of products that we can enjoy in smaller amounts, in a smaller amount of time.



It's time to make some alterations to our screen habits. It's time to get Unplugged.


Ambient Wellness

Wellness can be best when it's given to us without us even having to think about it.


Corporate Storytelling to Rebuild Brand Trust

Less than a decade ago, Barclays was not only one of the biggest banks in the world finance but also one of its most recognizable names. It had an exclusive deal with the world’s most popular sports league, soccer’s English Premier League1, as well as naming rights to the hottest new basketball arena in America’s … Continued


Millennials & Membership

Last year’s joint study conducted by 88 Brand Partners and QNA Group was a fresh, innovative way of approaching some questions that dog what may well be the most misunderstood generation—Millennials. We examined their relationship to service brands. This year, we took a more nuanced look at how Millennials behave as parts of member organizations. … Continued


Staying Top of Mind — and Top of Shelf

A popular saying tells us that getting to the top is easy, it’s staying there that’s the hard part. That certainly holds true for a consumer packaged good (CPG) entering our home. We might grab the closest roll of paper towels (easy) and find out later that their absorbent qualities are, well, leaky at best. … Continued


Don’t Just Tell Me, Show Me

Trust is central to the success of a consumer packaged service. If the consumer cannot hold the product they are about to purchase in their hand, they need to be reassured—by the appearance, structure and logic of your website—that the product is what you claim it is. And when you’re a consumer packaged service, your … Continued