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We are a full-service branding and advertising agency that builds, elevates and extends brands. For the past 28 years, our collaborative and strategic approach has helped clients across the hospitality industry generate loyalty and forge deeper and more lasting connections with their customers.

Our decades of experience in the hospitality industry have taught us three essential truths that any marketing team can take to heart.

It doesn’t matter what sort of hospitality services you provide—this rule will always hold true. To create a long-term bond and drive repeat business, it’s vital that your brand’s foundation is rooted in a deep understanding of your customers.

Of course, there’s a place in your communications to tout what makes you better than your competitors, but your audience will remain loyal when they know that you stand for something more meaningful.

Many hospitality services focus only on one thing: superior food, top-notch service, a unique environment. In doing so, their focus becomes too narrow, and they lose sight of the bigger picture, making it difficult to build brand affinity and loyalty with customers.

To set yourself apart from the pack, it’s critical to stress the total experience that your brand offers. Emphasize that alchemical equation, when all those individual elements come together to create an experience beyond food, beyond service, beyond atmosphere. That’s what makes a truly memorable hospitality service, and it’s what keeps customers coming back again and again.

Twitter feeds, trade magazines, professional blogs. It’s not easy finding the next breakthrough idea if everyone—including your competition—is carrying their buckets to the same well, looking for inspiration.

Make sure you’re stepping outside the echo chamber to learn valuable lessons from other fields. Loyalty-building initiatives. Traffic-driving campaigns. Social media strategies. At 88, we’ve had tremendous success applying techniques we’ve developed for the Art Institute of Chicago and NorthShore University HealthSystem to the benefit of our hospitality industry clients.

This approach has helped elevate these brands: