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We are a full-service branding and advertising agency that builds, elevates and extends brands. For the past 28 years, we’ve developed successful brands and communications for clients in all types of associations.

Our decades of experience in the association industry have taught us three essential truths that any marketing team can take to heart.

The makeup of many professions and industries is undergoing seismic changes. For any association to remain relevant to its members, it must do one thing: be proactive in adjusting to the needs and wants of its evolving member base.

This means staying in constant contact with your members and performing research in order to best understand them. Online surveys are a quick, simple way to understand your audience, while segmentation studies allow you to truly tailor your communications to them. Taking care to stay up to date with this group and its changing member profile can help you avoid potholes in the future, and remain as vital as you can to your core audiences.

The association industry has never been known for being on the vanguard of creative, cutting-edge marketing. So search for examples not just from other industries but from professional blogs, trade mags, even Twitter feeds. When everyone is searching for inspiration in the same places, it can be nearly impossible to find the next breakthrough.

And make sure you’re stepping outside the echo chamber to learn valuable lessons from other fields. Social media strategies. Loyalty-building initiatives. Traffic-driving campaigns. At 88, we’ve had tremendous success applying techniques we’ve developed for clients like the Art Institute of Chicago to the benefit of our association clients.

Never lose sight of your end goal: providing the best possible experience to your members while continuing to grow the organization by converting non-members.

This starts by ensuring that every interaction with your audiences is a positive, relevant one. Remind them of the ways in which you’re working on their behalf, advocating for them, and looking for new solutions to make their professional lives better. Through targeted outreach that touches upon these points, you assure both members and non-members that you are of true value to them.

This approach has helped elevate these brands: