EDHS Launch


Remembering Chicago’s Forgotten Tragedy

Executive Creative Director

Eastland Disaster Historical Society

2015 brought a wonderful piece of new business to 88, as we began work with the Eastland Disaster Historical Society. This rebranding initiative was undertaken to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Chicago’s single greatest loss-of-life tragedy. The disaster claimed 844 lives, and for too long has been forgotten in our city. The partnership between 88 and EDHS will increase awareness of this tragic event and honor all those were affected by it. Said 88 Brand Partners President Michael McGuire, “This is a tremendous opportunity to ensure that as time passes and generations go by, this somber and culturally significant moment in Chicago history doesn’t get lost forever.” Because of 88’s respect for the mission of EDHS, the work was taken on pro bono. And as part of EDHS’s partnership with Chicago’s Ale Syndicate, we created labels for an upcoming limited-edition beer. Learn more about the Eastland Disaster at EastlandDisaster.org

Eastland Disaster Historical Society

Eastland Disaster Historical SocietyEastland Disaster Historical Society Eastland Disaster Historical Society