New Balance and the Dangers of Political Branding

Poker players often talk about tilt, the adrenaline that kicks in after a big win or loss, causing your brain to float or blood to boil. You might get tilted after the person next to you hits a straight on the last card, or you maybe you go on tilt after you win the biggest … Continued

Kicking Grass

Starting early this summer, the 88 kickball squad—Kicking Grass & Taking Names—took to the field once again to participate in Chicago’s fiercest recreational kickball league. Sadly, a last-place finish was all our kickballers could muster, but rest assured, a superb time was had by all. (And crucially, there were no major injuries!)

88 Gets Lucky

While last year’s summer party was all about performing tasks and solving puzzles, 2016’s version was a much more subdued affair, involving relaxed conversation over dinner and drinks. Oh, and there was some horse racing as well.

Marketing to Millennials

Our extensive proprietary research study on Millennials, performed with QNA, culminated in a series of breakfast presentations held here at the 88 office. The turnout was terrific, and has been followed by further presentations across the Midwest.

Proofreading as UX

There’s an argument a friend and I often have, and to many I’m sure it seems petty. It’s about the Oxford comma (or the serial comma, if you’re less into England and more into long-form radio shows). Conversations have gotten so heated that she and I have agreed to not speak of the subject while … Continued

5 Things I Wish I Knew as a New Designer

With my one-year anniversary at 88 Brand Partners approaching, I find myself meditating on things I’ve learned over the past months. I clearly recall ringing the 88 doorbell, fidgety and anxious for my impending interview, as if it were yesterday. Despite my nervousness, the interview went just fine, as you might gather. But there are … Continued

How College Classes Prepared Me for Agency life

A question many recent college graduates often ask themselves is, “Will I ever use what I learned in class in the real world?” For me, I found out pretty quickly after graduation that a large amount of the classes I took helped prepare me for agency life. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in May, … Continued

NASA & Branding

How do you brand outer space? That’s essentially the question NASA found itself asking several years ago. The agency had just shut down the shuttle program, and was looking at a future far different from its past. The public view of NASA had veered into nostalgia. The agency was a relic, associated with Kennedy and … Continued

The Importance of Account Service

At a recent agency event, I was talking with one of our partners (not one I normally have contact with) about 88. When this person asked what my role was at 88, I responded, “I’m an Account Supervisor. I work in the account management and client service department.” Immediately, the client partner responded, “Before working … Continued

Make it Work, Designers

At 88 Brand Partners, although development and design are two separate jobs, the developers do have a good sense of design, and most designers have experience with coding. This makes the collaborative process on digital projects rather smooth. Yet, still, nothing is perfect. When designing a display ad, sometimes a designer will ask a question … Continued