88 Website Introduction

New years bring along with them numerous changes: new looks, new styles, new resolutions. For us, it’s a new website. We performed a complete overhaul on, giving it a cleaner look that better reflects who we are and what we do. I’d like to take a couple moments introduce you to various aspects of … Continued

88 Food Summit

Last month, 88 hosted its annual innovation summit. The event, titled “Storytelling Through Food,” featured industry experts—food stylist Johanna Lowe, food photographer Paul Strabbing and beer historian Liz Garibay—leading demonstrations and discussions on how simple ingredients can be elevated through storytelling, both with imagery and words. This day of conversation, drinking and eating took place … Continued

Remembering Chicago’s Forgotten Tragedy

2015 brought a wonderful piece of new business to 88, as we began work with the Eastland Disaster Historical Society. This rebranding initiative was undertaken to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Chicago’s single greatest loss-of-life tragedy. The disaster claimed 844 lives, and for too long has been forgotten in our city. The partnership between 88 … Continued

2015 Summer Intern Roll Call

We are currently seeking two talented interns who are focused on either graphic design or web development. (Skills in both are a plus!) You will hit the ground running on day one, collaborating with multiple team members and executing work for a variety of clients. The work is diverse and we think you’ll learn a ton! … Continued