How College Classes Prepared Me for Agency life

A question many recent college graduates often ask themselves is, “Will I ever use what I learned in class in the real world?” For me, I found out pretty quickly after graduation that a large amount of the classes I took helped prepare me for agency life. I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in May, … Continued

The Old Fashioned Story

By Dave Willhite In my job as a bartender, people often ask for an Old Fashioned. But what exactly is an Old Fashioned Cocktail? And why is it branded as being old fashioned? To really answer these questions we need to go back to near the time of the birth of our nation and the … Continued

Why You Should Consider a Post-grad Internship

By Olivia Thomson When you hear the word “intern,” you might imagine the trope of a college kid fetching coffee, running errands and doing all the menial tasks no one else in the office wants to do. Internships have long been considered something you usually do as a student to either complete a requirement or … Continued

Psychology and Advertising

By Kristen Coconis As an undergrad at the University of North Carolina, my goal was to become a clinical psychologist. I did everything one has to do to get into a great Ph.D. program: doing research for years, becoming a teaching assistant, taking the GRE (twice, ugh), etc. But as my senior year drew to … Continued